The largest shooting range and gun store in the tri state area!


Are you looking for a simple, ethical and most of all safe way to dispose of unwanted guns and ammunition?

Why wait for some government buy back that pays you in gas cards when Towers Armory pays cash* for used guns!

At Towers Armory the process is easy, and you leave with cash plus a record of the sale*!

Simply bring your unwanted firearms, ammunition and accessories in & we'll make you an offer on the spot!

We are looking for any unwanted firearms, from a single firearm to whole collections. We’ll make you an offer and pay in minutes. You'll leave with a record of the transaction and cash in your pocket!

*Purchases over $500 may be paid by check although we always try to do actual cash sometimes it’s just not practical. We will let you know in advance if we cannot give you cash. All check payments can be cashed immediately, use of check cashing services have fees, these fees and any banking fees or other fees resulting from cashing the check are your responsibility. We do not make payments by direct deposit, gift cards or credit to an account. You may use the payment towards any merchandise in the store. Payments will not be usable for online purchases. These payments to you may only be used in store at the time of the payment to you.  


What you'll need to complete your sale:

A photo ID issued by the State or Federal government WITH the correct address on it. (same requirements as purchasing a gun from Towers Armory)

The firearms, ammunition and accessories you wish to sell.


Condition and completeness do influence value but even a broken gun may still have value.
Ammunition and accessories also may also have value. Again, the better the condition and completeness the more the value will be.


Sometimes items may have no value or due to legal reasons may need to be destroyed. Towers Armory may charge a fee for destruction or disposal of these items.


Illegal items, defaced serial numbers, or guns with unreadable serial numbers cannot be purchased.