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Fn Herstal Reflex MRD 9mm


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Mfg Part Number:845737016241 Manufacturer: FN America Model: Reflex

Fn Herstal Reflex MRD 9mm

The FN Reflex MRD is a precisely accurate pistol for everyday carry and perfected for deep concealment. With an internal hammer and multiple redundant safeties, the trigger is the smoothest, most refined fire control in an FN carry pistol. Stacking tight groups on target with match-grade accuracy is instinctive, with shootabilty besting all guns in its class. The extended and flush-fit magazines secure a combined total of 26+1 rounds at the ready, with a thin profile that won't print under cover garments. A multi-faceted grip texture delivers more control at speed while a slim, 1-inch slide adds all-day carry comfort.

Fn Herstal Reflex MRD 9mm
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9 mm

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