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Armscor - AL22


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Mfg Part Number:812285026831 Manufacturer: Armscor Precision Model: AL22MB

Armscor - AL22MB

Armscor, AL22M Blued, Revolver, Double Action/Single Action, Medium Frame, 22WMR, 4" Barrel, Steel, Blued Finish, Rubber Grips, Adjustable Rear Sight, 8 Rounds

The AL22MB is a solid, stainless steel revolver chambered in the more powerful .22 WMR cartridge and intended to please successive generations of rimfire shooters. The design of the fast-loading cylinder and crane allow recoil forces to be transferred directly to the frame, minimizing wear. The lockwork design rotates the cylinder to keep the gun precisely in time, ensuring proper alignment of the chamber to the barrel, and positive lockup. The AL22MB features a capacity of eight rounds of .22 Magnum ammunition and a durable, all-steel finish. The AL rimfire series revolvers also incorporate a drop safety to enhance safety for both shooters and spectators. The fully-shrouded four-inch barrel protects the ejector rod from external damage, even under rough usage. With an adjustable rear sight, the AL22MB is an ideal choice for shooters who desire to practice with rimfire ammunition, as well as for those who hunt using the .22 WMR cartridge.

Armscor - AL22MB
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