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CCW Cancellations Refunds Policy

Student Agreement to the terms and conditions of the ccw class at Towers Armory including, refunds, reschedules and cancellations

by signing up online you acknowledge the following conditions:

Cancellations must be done 72 hours prior to the date of the class. No exceptions!


Do not arrive smelling like alcohol or weed, you will be removed from the class. It is illegal to possess a firearm under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Please manage your schedule accordingly to insure full attendance. Arrive ready for class about 5-10 minutes prior to the start time. Dress appropriately for class. Wear a top that hugs the neck line tightly so no brass can get down your shirt. Do not wear open toed shoes or crocs. Only the student is permitted to attend the class out of respect to the instructors and the other students. Interpreters cannot be provided and must, if used, register and pay as a student of the class. Disruptions will be sufficient cause to be removed from the class with no refunds. If you must leave the class at any time, FIRST get the instructors permission and return in the amount of time the instructor has given you. Failure to get permission or return at the agreed upon time will cause you to be removed from the class with no certificate and no refund. All students must take a written test and must return the test during the class. No test no certificate. Please sign in 5 to 10 minutes before class and make sure you bring an state ID or Drivers License with you. The full legal name from your ID provided at the class is used to produce your certificate. No reprints of certificates can be done so you must make sure your name is spelled correctly on your ID before leaving the class!

No student may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at any time during class or range. All range rules and instructions must be followed during the class. Do not leave Towers Armory at any time except during scheduled breaks. Students doing other activities or anything that can be considered as not fully participating in the class will be removed from the class without refund. Satisfactory participation is determined solely by the instructor. By signing up for a class you agree to the following in order to attend the Towers Armory CCW class. I acknowledge All portions of the meeting whether on break or not, are recorded and give my permission to use such recording as deemed necessary to determine eligibility for a certificate of completion. Furthermore, you agree that non participation and or unsafe behavior are sufficient grounds to be removed from the class without refund. If for any reason, whether beyond your control or otherwise, you are unable to remain in class you will not be able to reschedule and no refunds will be issued. If you must be out of class at any time, obtain permission from the instructor prior to leaving and returning within the time given. By signing up online or in person you acknowledge having received all course materials either in person, By direction to the website, or by email and you responsible to learn these materials during the class. No certificate of completion will be issued without a completed test turned in and that you will complete the range training portion prior to receiving a certificate of completion. You agree to all terms listed and any determinations on competency to be at the sole discretion of the Instructor. I agree that I will fill out a liability waiver and have watched the safety video prior to the shooting portion of the class.

The following items are non negotiable:

Issuance of the certificate is at the sole discretion of the instructor

Absolutely no reprints of certificates

Absolutely no refunds without a minimum 72hrs notice before the date of the class

Tardiness or partial attendance is not permitted

Cancelations, Refunds and reschedules must be done 72 hours prior to the date of the class and must be done by requesting such actions at

Refunds may only be issued to the same card used for the purchase

Refunds may take up to 7 business days to complete

Failure to abide by these terms will result in forfeit of the right to request a refund or reschedule